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Born in 1955 at the Westerner factory somewhere near Atwater Village on Riverside Drive, our "Nancy" has been lovingly restored by our family from the ground up. We simply can't wait for you meet her.

Meet Nancy

Some of Nancy's most attractive features:

Gorgeous wood interior, white sparkling countertops, and freshly polished metal accents.

1 large display sink (bottles on ice!) and 1 smaller prep sink.

Power outlets and beautiful lighting throughout 

Wrap around cabinets and ample counter space, designed with bartenders' needs in mind.

Beautifully customizable with floral arrangements, monograms or logos.

See Nancy in action:

_MDP6630 1_edited_edited.jpg


As the saying goes: "Only fools and horses work."​


As the proud descendants of long lines of hard-working American and British tradespeople, we feel entitled to throw this old phrase around, tongue-in cheek. We come from carpenters, seamstresses, undertakers, farmers and blacksmiths and we approach our work with the kind of grit and craft that we hope would make them proud. Fools & Horses is our tribute to our lineage, our way of raising glass after glass to the people who made us, the people we love. Because after all that work, hell, they deserve it.


Every part of the Fools & Horses experience is crafted with love, by us. The trailer bar "Nancy" that pulls up to your event is more than just a place to pour and vend, she's a timeless treasure designed to bring a feeling of instant nostalgia and connection to you and your guests.


We believe the time we share with the people we care about is the most important part of life, and it's in that spirit that Fools & Horses

can't wait to help make your event unforgettable.​



Mary and Robin Goodchild


Hey! My name is Brynn Smith I am an Angeleno by way of a small town in Washington state, I've worked in the hospitality industry for many years, during which I developed a voracious passion for concocting libations. In 2011, at the height of the craft cocktail renaissance, that passion became a full-time career — and I've since been working with many different liquor brands creating specialty cocktails and cocktail videos and teaching virtual mixology. I have consulted, curated menus, managed, and mixed at some of the coolest places in Los Angeles. When I'm not creating one-of-a-kind recipes for Fools & Horses, you can find me mixing up over on my Instagram account @bartendingpretty! I have been featured in Forbes, Thrillist, Eater, Chilled Magazine, LA Magazine, Nylon, Bravo, Tasting Table, DuJour, and more!



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